Tuesday, April 26, 2011


About a month ago we had the BEST day with Emily at the Point Defiance Zoo. She loved walking hand in hand with her Daddy on the designated path. Squealing in delight at the site of the sharks, and cautiously watching the large walrus swim closer and closer to the piece of glass that separated him from us.

She was all smiles all day long....when we got home we didn't notice anything ordinary, everything seemed normal. We had our normal nightly routine dinner, bath time, then Mommy and Daddy get to relax. The next morning Todd woke me up before he left for work, asking me if I had seen Chloe, our 4 year old kitty. I assumed she was hiding somewhere, maybe stuck in a closet or Emily's room. For the next few days we searched for our sweet Chloe. At the end of every day, as darkness approached I found myself getting more and more worried about my sweet kitty. I had a gut feeling that she would not be coming home. But prayed that we would get closure, so that we would not have to continue to search high and low for her. We had posted signs the day after she went missing, and 3 days after the signs were posted a little neighbor boy called us telling us he was very sorry, but he thought he had found our cat. So we drove to the spot he said he thought she was, and sure enough, it was our sweet Chloe:( She was hit by a car and we aren't really sure how she got so far from home. But we imagine she had a blast with the last few days of freedom.
It was terrible to find her that way, and we were both pretty traumatized. Todd took care of everything for me, and we had her cremated. Saved her collar and now Tucker wears her ID tag. Chloe was our first baby, we spoiled her like CRAZY! She had such a wonderful life and was the perfect first pet for us. She was so wonderful with Emily and Tucker and her had become best friends. Emily still asks where 'toey' is, and it stings a little every time she says her name, but it is getting easier.
We loved our sweet Chloe. But are thankful that we were able to find her, and bring her home.