Friday, November 13, 2009

Half a year!

Look at those cute little Teeth
You love eating big girl foods!

Cheerleader for Halloween!

Always on the go, you will be crawling soon!

First time sitting in grocery cart!

My precious little Emily, today you are 6 months old! Can you believe it? Your Mommy and Daddy sure can't! You have made us smile every day for the past 6 months and we can not get over how much we love you! Would you like to know some of the exciting things you have been up to??

*We took you to the Dr. on Monday and you are 18 lbs. 8 oz and are 27 inches long! Your Dr. was very impressed at how much you have grown and said you were a very happy and healthy little girl! Maybe you will be a basketball player??

*You are now wearing 9 month clothes! Some are even 12 months!! You are such a long baby, everyone always comments on that.:)

*You are now wearing a size 3 diaper.

*You eat a lot all day long!! About 4-5 bottles a day plus eating yummy solids two times a day. So far you have tried and LOVED: sweet potatoes, bananas, applesauce and pears....things you have tried and did NOT love: Avocados and Sweet make very silly faces and start spitting out anything GREEN!!! Oh well, we will just have to keep working on those veggies! You also enjoy your fruit mixed with Baby Oatmeal. We began offering you water in your very own sippy cup! You get SOO excited when we show you the cup, and you reach for it and drink out of it all by yourself, what a big girl you are!

*You got your first two teeth! They came in at about the same time, and you weren't too happy about it at first, but now you love smiling and showing off your brand new pearly whites. We began brushing your two little teeth and you love sucking on your toothbrush:)

*You are on the verge of both crawling and sitting up by yourself. For the most part you can support yourself when you sit up, but you are still a little wobbly, practice makes perfect sweetie!

*You are always on the move, not much of a cuddle bug this days...:) You roll all over the floor, mostly off of your blanket, you always talk to your kitties, Chloe and Tucker, and enjoy talking, screaming and laughing a lot!!:)

*Another activity that you enjoy is your jumper! We hang it in the door way so when we cook dinner or are cleaning up we can watch you! You jump non stop for about half an hour!! It is one of your favorite things to do right now.

*You are starting to change your sleeping patterns, and we think it is because you are growing so much right now. You still sleep about 10-11 hours a night but sometimes you wake up and are hungry. You also do not like going to bed at night without falling asleep on your mommy or daddy first. You have learned that neither one of us enjoy listening to you cry in bed, so we usually go back in and get you to comfort you till you fall asleep.

How could we not fall more in love with you every day Emily Jean?! You are a precious gift to us and we have so much fun getting to know you more and more.

We think you are the sweetest girl and we love you to the moon and back Emily!!