Monday, March 21, 2011


This post is way past due...get it....DUE:)

Our due date for Baby #2 is October 14!:) Emily is going to be a big sister! I get to be a Mommy again! Baby is doing great, we saw the ultrasound at 7 weeks pregnant, it is amazing to see the little flicker of the heartbeat, what a special miracle we have. To be blessed with 2 babies is what I have always wanted. I can not wait for Emily to have a playmate for life, another car seat to be in the backseat, and another room filled with precious baby things.

Emily hasn't really grasped what is happening and what is to come. She knows what babies are, but does not understand that there is a special baby, coming just for her!!:) I feel like the weeks are flying by, as we are staying busy with home projects, a busy/chatty toddler, and lots of fun in between.

More pictures and posts to come!!:)