Tuesday, October 13, 2009

5 months and growing

Our little pumpkin

What a big girl!

Mommy and Emily

Playing games with Daddy

Petting Tucker

Emily and Great Grannie Malone

Our little girl is now 5 months old, and what a little sweetie she is becoming. She has always been a sweetie, don't get me wrong. But she has a very calm, very sensitive and loving personality. She is extremely ticklish!! Her feet...her ribs, her neck, her armpits! One of our favorite things to do is lay on the floor and tickle her and she just laughs and laughs!
Emily loves watching Tucker and Chloe play, she always smiles when she sees them and now likes to pet them very softly and talk to them. It is so adorable. Sometimes she tries to put them in her mouth...but we try to stop that before it happens:) She has gotten into a good routine, and we are working on establishing an earlier bedtime for her. She loves staying up LATE and sometimes is too stimulated in the evening and stays up fairly late with me. We have tried to stay with an evening routine and are seeing some positive results so far.
We took Emily to Lattin's Cider Mill to pick out her pumpkin for Halloween! She got to visit all the goats, ducks, turkeys, cows, chickens and pigs! We had a great time walking her around and seeing everything through her eyes. Todd and I have enjoyed many weekends with the three of us at home. Todd has gotten to spend a lot of time with her during the weekend, and I got to do some Scrapbooking and baking!
Emily has also had her first taste of solid foods! Sweet Potatoes, Rice Cereal, and today she had a little bit of banana mashed up in her Rice Cereal, she eats all that I give her and seems to really enjoy it. We decided it was a good time to introduce these solid foods because she was constantly wanting more from her bottle and never seemed completely satisfied. We will feed her solid foods once a day for a few weeks, and then begin feeding her solid foods twice a day. The foods that we can introduce at her age are Sweet Potatoes, Bananas and Avocados...also Rice Cereal.
Some other exciting family news, we were able to be at the engagement of Craig (my brother) and his new fiance Sarah! It was a fun time for the family to all be together.
Emily also was able to spend a whole week with her Great Grannie Malone, we had a great time visiting, shopping and spending some special time with her!
Next month Emily will have her 6 month pictures taken by Tessa with Joyful Moments Photography, we bought her an adorable dress and are so excited! So many people have commented on her pictures and say she should be a baby model:) I think she could be, but I'm no stage mom:)


Tami said...

Thank you for posting again. Even though I see her every week I just love hearing your love and excitement in each new development in Emily's life. It is true, Emily is very loving and never stops smiling. She is very secure in your love and care of her, she is very content! The next few months will bring more milestones as Emily gets her first tooth, begins to crawl and continues to explore her world!
Thanks for sharing. You and Todd are wonderful parents, I am so proud of you both!
Mom and Grammie

Principal Mr. Malone said...

Watch the ticklin...I tickled Emily's mom a lot when she was little and she became closterphobic. :)