Sunday, November 13, 2011

Levi's Birth Story

Levi's birth story is in 2 different parts, I was in early stages of labor over several days....enjoy:)
I had my weekly appointment with Dr. Wong on this day, and when she checked me I was dilated to a 4+ and 60% effaced. She laughed and told me to guess how much progress I had made, I guessed I was maybe dilated to a 2..when she told me a stretchy 4 I was in shock!! I felt great and went home to finish my daily duties with the little miss:) After I put her down for a nap I felt like I was leaking....the nurse told me to lay down for awhile and if I was still leaking or felt a gush to come in right away. Since I was already dilated so much I was pretty anxious, I envisioned delivering Levi on the side of 5-12 on the way to Good Sam. Todd and I arrived at the hospital at 3pm, and I was having random contractions. The checked me and my water was not leaking, but I was dilated to a 5 and 60% effaced, started having contractions and the shakes, which is pretty normal. My blood pressure and my heart rate were high so they wanted to monitor me in triage for awhile before admitting me...they told me to walk to see if I could get contractions stronger and closer together. I did not want to get set home so I was on a mission, walking...more like sprinting around the halls of labor and delivery. After walking for an hour I was checked again dilated to a 5 and 70% effaced now, the doctor felt like I was so close to going into active labor and did not want to send me home, so I was admitted. I got all set up in my room...IV, signed forms for baby, texting family and friends...woo hoo baby is coming sometime soon!! After a full night of trying to get labor going naturally, the doctor decided to discharge me.....BOOO.....oh well, I knew Levi would be here very SOON!!!!

October 4, 2011
I spent the day going to my first MOPS meeting...funny thing was I dropped Emily off with my mom and she made the comment 'You look really pretty today, I think you will go into labor.'

5pm - My first REAL contraction, like the take your breath away, oh crap this is it, contraction! Emily was just starting to wake up from her nap, and Todd was showing a house in Little Rock, a little over an hour away from our home. I immediately called Todd to tell him I needed him to please hurry, because this was it. It was time! Apparently there was no service in Little Rock...I tried getting a hold of anyone and everyone, no one was answering. So now I'm envisioning myself having the baby on the kitchen floor while my toddler watches...I know a bit dramatic, but that's how I was in those last few weeks of pregnancy.:)

6pm - Todd arrives a little after 6, along with my Mom, Papa Stone came to pick Emily up to play at their house while we made our plan as to what was going to happen. My contractions were slowly getting stronger, but pretty far apart still. I went to sit in the tub to see if I could get things moving quickly.

7pm- contractions are lasting 50-60 seconds about 2 minutes apart. Time to go to the hospital!

7:45- leave for Good ride was great, Todd was a very calm driver:)

8:45 - checked into room 5 at the hospital, 6 cm dilated and 90% effaced.

9:00- IV for pain meds...Sarah and Craig come and visit with Eva:)

9:45 - Breathing through contractions, Sarah was coaching me on a breathing technique and it helped a lot, we were waiting for the doctor to come and give me my epidural.

9:55 Got the epidural, Dr. Mitchell broke my water, Levi was much lower and doctor thought it could be within the next 2 hours.

10:30 Our birth photographer Keren Fenton arrives!!

11:45-12:35- tried pushing in several different positions...didn't feel like I was making much progress so I asked if I could rest awhile until I felt intense pressure to push.
12:45 - Craig, sarah and Eva came to visit again while I was resting
1:20- really felt pressure to push again, started pushign
1:47 - Levi is born!!! He was crying MUCH louder then Emily did when she was born, I remember they put him on my chest and he grabbed right onto my hospital gown:) It was so cute.
After he was born I had some excessive bleeding as my uterus was not contracting back as it should. They gave me some pitosin in my IV to encourage contractions. I got to watch Levi get cleaned up, Daddy gave him his bath and we got lots of pictures!:) My blood pressure dropped pretty low, so I don't remember too much after he was born, we were so thankful for Dr. Mitchell, he kept things under control, the nurses and doctor had to work on me for quiet some time to get things under control....I really just remember my mom standing next to me and holding my hand. Thanks Momma:)
Our sweet Levi has really changed our family dynamics in such a wonderful way. He is so calm, laid back and a very smiley little guy. Emily got to meet him in the comfort of our home and asked to hold him right away. Todd and I were a big blubbery mess, seeing our two babies. My heart was full of love and I was so proud of my family in that moment. Now we have our little boy and little has been very crazy trying to get everyone back into a routine, but I'm slowly getting the hang of things.