Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bye Bye First Trimester

I see the light! I am rounding the corner towards 2nd Trimester bliss...or so I hear! 13 weeks and 5 days along today, two more days until I am in the 2nd Trimester, which I hear is the best and most comfortable one to be in. My bump is more round, and is starting to settle a little lower, before it was very high, and I think it was from all of my bloat. I can not fit into any of my old pants, SAD! But at least I know baby is growing! Still only gained 2 lbs (go me!) but am prepared to see that number go up very soon. Grannie and Grandpa Malone came into town from Utah and with some money I had gotten from my Papa they were able to get me a very beautiful glider rocking chair with an ottoman! I know many memories and naps will be taken in that chair!:)
This coming weekend I am a bridesmaid in my friend Kara's wedding, so I will be keeping busy with all of her wedding festivities, I tried my dress on today, still fits!:) although my belly is a lot more prominent than it was when I originally bought the dress. Lately I have had a horrible time with my gag reflex. Anything and EVERYTHING sets it off....this morning I went to Safeway, all of the smells and just thinking of different foods...ugh I could not bare it. It seems to happen every day, but if I get some water and fresh air that helps a lot.
I have enjoyed a couple Decaf EggNog latte's but am proud to say no Diet Coke or regular coffee has entered this baby making body of mine...:) Todd is back at school every Tuesday night, and I have enjoyed some time baking and trying new recipes to keep myself busy on the nights he is gone. I have started thinking about birthing classes that are offered out here, and will probably talk with our Dr. at my next appointment about them.
The other night I had a dream that I was holding my baby GIRL and she had blonde hair and blue eyes, she was SO cute...until she reached up and ripped out all my eyelashes....what the heck kind of dream is that?! Well I am off to meet some girlfriends for lunch!! hopefully I don't gag all over them:)


Tammy said...

Ripping out your eyelashes...let's see...what DOES that mean? Haha! :) I forgot to tell you about the crazy pregnancy dreams! Here is an article about it.

Principal Mr. Malone said...

Hmmmm...Trichotillomania is commonly known, as an impulse control disorder characterized by the repeated urge to pull out scalp hair, eyelashes, facial hair, nose hair, pubic hair, eyebrows or other body hair, sometimes resulting in noticeable bald patches.

Tally said...

Well, I looked up what that dream could mean and I found it's a subconscious manifestation showing there is actually a little boy baking in that mama oven.
Well, maybe........