Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Days

Daddy and Daughter on Father's Day

Todd's Graduation Day

Meeting "GG"

I am now the proud wife of a Masters graduate! Todd had his Graduation from Keller Grad school this past weekend, it was a great time. We celebrated by going out to dinner at The Harmon and having a party in honor of Todd the next day, however it seemed more like a party for baby Emily. She was the star of the party! That little girl got passed from one person to the next, and let me tell you I was one stressed out Mommy! It made me realize that she is still so tiny and fragile! My motherly instinct has kicked into high gear!
Emily also got to meet her Great Grandma Barb (GG) who is here visiting from California. Todd and I are also celebrating our two year wedding anniversary on Monday! Hard to believe it has been that long since our wedding day. It has been a very eventful 2 years:)


Tami said...

I love the picture of Todd with Emily in the front pack! Thanks for keeping us up to date on your blog! It is hard to believe that Emily is 6 weeks old and you have been married 2 years....time flies! I am so glad grandma Barb was able to come out and meet Emily. Grandmas are very important you know!!
Love to all of you!

Tami said... more thing. You are doing quite well in sharing Emily. I had an extremely difficult time letting anyone hold you for a long time. Terrible how those maternal instincts kinda take over!