Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Month

My baby girl

Cuddle Time

One Month Old
Today Emily is one month old! Can't believe 4 weeks have already gone by. Todd and I have learned plenty with our little love bug at home with us. We have learned that we can survive on very little sleep, we LOVED sleep and sleeping in on the weekends. That has changed, however Emily is currently sleeping 5-6 straight hours through the night, WOW! What a blessing that has been for me, while during the week I'm the one who gets up with Emily during the night, since Todd has to get up early for work. Another thing we have learned is that we know our daughter better than anyone else ever will. We know how she likes to sleep at night, different positions she likes to be held, how she loves to stretch out and watch her horsey, and how she loves being a naked baby at night before we put her in her P.J.'s for bed. We learned that just like during pregnancy, people still give unsolicited advice, and to take it with a grain of salt. :)
Emily has been smiling more and more every day, you can tell her eyes are really trying to focus on certain things. She has also been making lots of new noises, coos and cries are changing day by day. She still has not had a big full out crying episode ( still waiting for that one). I've enjoyed spending my days with my little girl, I can already tell a strong bond is being created and she sure does love her mommy:) It is a great feeling when she immediately stops crying when I pick her up and rock her. She also likes it when I sing to her.
Emily's Great Grandma Stone will be here next week from California, and we look forward to spending some time with her. Great family memories will be made this summer!


Principal Mr. Malone said...

You guys are awesome parents.

Amie said...

You are so blessed.

Tami said...

I was in the middle of posting and you skyped me and I lost my train of thought. So I want to say I kinda posted.
I love ya all!