Monday, May 25, 2009

Eat, Poop, Repeat

First stroller ride

Awake and Alert

Daddy's Girl

We have had our little Emily with us for almost 2 weeks now! Although the days seem to blur into one another, there have been some special moments that have really stood out. Emily went to the Dr. for the first time and is now up to 8lbs 7 1/2 oz!!! She loves her food!:) We go again for her two week check up on Friday. We have gone on several family outings to Target, Wal-Mart we visited Grammie and Pappy in Graham, and took Emily to see the animals at Northwest Trek (she slept the whole time).
Emily had her first bath, and afterwards we wrapped her up in a cute personalized towel that Auntie Katie got her and Emily peed all over the towel and me!:) Emily is very alert when she is awake, and is really working on lifting her head up, it amazes me how strong she is already!! Her hair has these amazing golden/red highlights that I LOVE! And her baby blues are as bright as ever! Everyone comments on the color of her skin, it is a perfect rosey, healthy pink! She loves her horse that plays "Farmer in the Dell" Grammie Malone got it for her, anytime I sing to her or she hears music she stops crying and begins looking all around.
The cats are adjusting very well to Emily being in the house, they keep each other entertained, and the crying does not bother them at all. They are very curious about Emily and enjoy smelling her cute little head (while Mommy and Daddy are present). Todd goes back to work on Thursday and then my job as a stay at home mom begins. I'm looking forward to getting into more of a routine and enjoying many summer outings with our little family! Next weekend Todd and I are taking Emily to meet her Great Grandpa Hamllik in Washougal!

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Tami said...

Emily is such a content little girl. She only cries when she is hungry or when she wants her Grammie to hold her! She loves to go places and enjoys her car seat! She loves soft fuzzy blankets, lambs and ponies that play soft music. She loves being rocked and having her diaper off (be careful!). When she is waking up she likes to stretch and make lots of funny noises, then she opens her eyes to see us. She love her pink princess bed at Grammies and will take long naps on Pappy's shoulder.
It has been a blessing getting to know Emily over the past 3 weeks. I love her so very much!