Saturday, May 2, 2009


Todd putting the stroller together

37 weeks 3 days

Today I am 37 weeks 3 days pregnant, it could really be any day now! I went to my OB appointment on Tuesday and my Dr. checked to see if I had made any progress and she told me I am dilated half a centimeter. Not much, BUT it is something! I realize that I could stay at half a centimeter for weeks..but I also know that my body has physically started the first steps toward labor, and that is very exciting! I have gotten plenty done around the house, and Emily's room is completely finished. We purchased her travel system and even have the car seat installed and ready to go in the back of our car:) Yesterday we met with a Pediatrician at Olympia Pediatrics and we really felt comfortable with her. So we decided that we will use her as Emily's Pediatrician. She has two young boys herself, and answered all of our questions and then some! Todd really felt comfortable with her too which is important! This coming week I have another appointment where they will check again to see if any more progress has been made.
Tucker and Chloe have been getting a long great, I even caught them snuggling on the couch while sleeping....:) This week I plan on getting a pedicure and I have a hair appointment, I think it is important for me to still feel good about myself even though my size is expanding EVERY day! Todd is building shelves for our garage as we speak, a project that he has wanted to complete for awhile, I'm glad he got to do that today:)
My friends have been WONDERFUL! So many have offered to come out and visit, Katie Jo even took the day off of work to spend the afternoon with me. And this coming week I will have several visitors as well!
18 days until our due date!!

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Tami said...

I need to pack my Grammie bag for the hospital.