Monday, May 18, 2009

Emily Jean's Birth Story

Emily Jean Stone
Born @ 4:34am
May 13, 2009
8 lbs. 1 oz. 21 inches long!!

Emily was born a week before her due date! I had a feeling that she would be early but I had no idea what I would be in for when I woke up on Tuesday morning....:) I woke up to some light bleeding and called the Dr., the nurse said that my cervix was probably dilating and to record any contractions and be prepared for my water to break. I was excited because my friend Emily was going to be coming over to spend the day with me, and I knew that if anything happened I would not be alone! Emily and I spent the day together and even went to McDonalds for lunch (something I rarely do)! Emily left around 4:15, Todd was going to be home in about an hour and I had only felt some very light contractions, in fact I didn't really know they were even contractions. At 4:35 I had my first major contraction, it completely took my breath away, and then I KNEW I was for sure having contractions. I started timing them and got in the tub, they were about 5 minutes apart but only lasting about 15-30 seconds. However they were get a lot stronger as time progressed. I called Todd and told him he needed to get home ASAP! He was home in about 30 minutes and by that time I knew we needed to get to the hospital. We called first and told them about my contractions and they advised that I come in and be checked.
5:30pm- We got to the hospital and I was 1 cm and 80% effaced, my mom arrived at 6:15 (we pretty much knew I would be having Emily sometime in the next 24 hours) The nurse said that I should walk around the hospital to try to make some more progress, and if no progress was made I would be sent home to labor there and return later. I was so angry!! There was no way they would send me home, I was in PAIN and needed to be at the hospital! So we slowly began walking around the hospital, stopping about every 2 minutes for my very strong Mom walked behind us taking pictures and updating the family, after about 45 minutes the nurse checked to see if I had made any progress...NOTHING! I began crying and said there is no way I am going home, she said they could give me a shot of morphine that would help me to relax and rest during contractions, I agreed and was never more happy to take a shot in the butt:)
7:30 pm-We drove home from the hospital, my mom came with us. I labored at home on our couch until 10:30pm, my contractions were really close together and over a minute long,we decided it was time to head back to the hospital.
11:30pm -Finally checked back into the hospital and was checked, 3cm and 90% effaced, I was then moved into the Labor and Delivery room, I was given my IV and filled out lots of paper work and told them I wanted my Epidural ASAP!
12:00am - I got my epidural, after about 45 minutes of attempting to place it in my back!!
12:50am - Epidural is done and I was feeling much better, but still felt the contractions, basically all the epidural did for me was take the edge off. Todd ran to the car to get our bags.
1:27am - Dilated to an 8!!
2:15am - 9+ cent. I began to push about 20 minutes later, as I started feeling more of the pressure and urge to push.
2:45am - I started pushing...I expected it to be like on tv, about 10 pushes or so and the baby is way...I pushed for what seemed like FOREVER, and even though I had the epidural, I still felt A LOT of pressure and pain. As I began to make more progress pushing the labor and delivery nurse commented on all the hair she could see on Emily's head, I got to feel her hair, and that motivated me to get her out!! I used the 'pull on a towel' method, it worked great for me, I basically reached forward and pulled on a cloth that was tied to a bar in front of me, it helped me to use all my body to push.
3:55am - Emily began to crown and they were all still commenting on her hair!
4:34 am- Emily was born! I could feel her head come out, and once they got out the first shoulder I could feel her whole little body just shoot right out! It was an amazing feeling of accomplishment to know that I had been the one doing all the work to bring our little girl into the world. The placed her directly on my chest and I finally got to touch my baby:) Todd and I were so happy and relieved to see her! After many tears and smiles we were finally a family of 3:)

All of Emily's tests went great, she passed everything with flying colors, she was so calm and barely cried when she got her shots and her bath! We stayed in the hospital for two nights, with no sleep at all! I was beginning to feel physically ill from lack of sleep.
We brought Emily home on Friday and have loved every minute of being her parents:) Everything has changed and we are so grateful for what God has given to us!


Principal Mr. Malone said...

Emily is a sweetie! Good work Todd & Christi!

Nathan, Kami and Emma said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful!

Tami said...

Thank you for letting me be a part of welcoming Emily Jean into the world. I will always treasure the experience. Emily is blessed with wonderful loving parents, I am so proud of the two of you!