Friday, April 24, 2009

Safe & Sound

Mariners Game

Our new kitten, Tucker

36 weeks 2 days pregnant

I can't wait until Emily is at home, safe and sound with us!! These last couple weeks seem to be dragging on! I had my last day at ECS, it was really bittersweet, but I have been keeping extremely busy at home. My Grannie came out to my family Baby Shower and we picked out fabric for some curtains she made for Emily's nursery. I also got to see my cousins and their little guy Forrest, and my Aunt! The family baby shower was so much fun, and I enjoyed getting to visit with everyone:) The next day the family, plus members that were visiting, took the Sounder to Safeco Field to the Mariners game, I insisted on walking up the stairs verses taking the elevator and we walked a ways from the train the field, and the next day my feet were HUGE! I've decided that I don't need to be so stubborn next time:)
We brought our little guy Tucker home, him and Chloe play and run around the house all day! He is the perfect addition to the family, Todd said he already loves him:) hehe. I have been feeling pretty good, I love this weather and wish I could enjoy it a little more! I'm so glad I won't be pregnant through the summer, it kills me to have to take it easy right now. My blood pressure is still normal, weight gain is on track and Emily's head is still down. YAY! In the last couple days I think she has dropped, I've gotten a lot of comments from strangers who say, " wow you must be due any day!" "Your baby has really dropped!", I really think she has, and I have a feeling she will come sometime in the next 2 weeks. Preferably towards the end of that time, but I don't think she will last in there till the 20th.
The nursery is nearly complete, we just need to hang the beautiful curtains Grannie Malone made, and then I will take a picture of the completed nursery!:) Tomorrow we are going to Babies R Us to get our travel system, and we will then install the car seat! WEIRD! On Tuesday I have a OB appointment where they will check to see if I have dialted at all, I don't really think that I have, but you never know.
Todd is also finished with his school! Yay! He gave his final presentation on Monday, and said it is a HUGE relief for him to be DONE!:) His graduation will be in June, so Emily will be able to cheer for her Daddy in the audience:) We are extremely excited for these next few weeks of WAITING...:) Keep us in your prayers!


Tami said...

Now all you have left to do is wait, that is the hard part! You and Todd have everything ready, the nursery, your bags are packed and you got Cloe a new playmate!
Now we all......just.....wait!
I love you all!

Tami said...

Todd, The curtains look great and now Emily's room is complete!


Tami said...

I am so glad Cloe's motherly instincts kicked in. Now you will both have a baby,Tucker and Emily!