Wednesday, April 8, 2009

6 weeks left!

Today marks week 34! 6 weeks until Emily is here! Several of the ladies at my work think that she is going to come early, based on how large I am:) THANKS A LOT!:) We had a Dr. visit last week and Emily's head is down, and she has stayed there this whole week, so that is good, hopefully she stays put like that. We go to the Dr. again next week and then after that I will be going once a week! WOW! We had our last birthing class and got to tour Labor and Delivery at St. Pete's and it really helped us to visualize how things will go on the day of delivery. We were very impressed at the high security they have there, and their rooms are huge with flat screen tv's, and there is wireless SO I know my Dad will be happy about that, and will probably be giving a play by play on his Facebook or Twitter. :)
I had another Baby Shower this weekend with all my girlfriends and it was a blast! Emily is so special to have so many loving Aunties:) I began washing and organizing all of her clothes, and Todd put up shelves in the nursery so I was able to decorate a little. I also started packing my hospital bags, which is something that seemed forever away not too long ago.
As for how I am feeling....meh...could be worse, could be better. Todd pointed out that I have that pregnant woman "waddle", my appetite has decreased because there is absolutely no room for food in my belly, and I started to swell a little. I think it was because of those few hot days we had, I was up and doing laundry and moving baby things all around the room.
My last day of work is a week from today, yahoo! Then my Grannie is coming into town and will be helping me do some baby things, plus she will be at the Family Baby Shower on the 18th!
I also failed to mention that we are adding a new little guy to our family, Tucker Stone is a kitten that was born in my Mom's barn...we could not resist once we got our hands on the little guy. Chloe really needs a playmate, she is a very high maintenance cat. And we think that Tucker will be the perfect fit...yes we know what we are getting ourselves kitten, new is good and it will all work out:)


Tami said...

Christi, Your shower was so much fun. It was great to see all your friends celebrate with you! I'll be over soon to help you organize all Emily's things. It wont be long now!!
I love you!

Tami said...

Tucker is ready to join his new family. He is eating like a horse (pony) and waits to be picked up.