Thursday, March 26, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

As I walked (waddled) through the grocery store the other evening after work...waited in line and bought a gallon of ice cream and hot fudge, I realized....I am the epitome of a woman who is 8 months pregnant. All my aches and pains seem to be magnified times 10, I am currently waking up every hour at night to go pee, and I am now getting "sympathy looks" from complete strangers. But I wouldn't want to trade places with anyone in the world right now. :)

Todd and I have been extremely busy, and have something planned pretty much every weekend in April! My how the time has flown by!! This past weekend we took our "Babymoon" (a pre-baby honeymoon) and traveled to Spokane for my dear friend Beth's wedding. Although the drive was much longer, due to my constant bathroom breaks, we had such a RELAXING time. The wedding was beautiful and we enjoyed spending time just the two of us away from our 'reality'. The picture above is of us at the wedding that was held in the Davenport Hotel.

This week has been extremely busy due to the auction at school which is tomorrow! Once that is over I will be able to breathe a huge sigh of relief, and will only have 2 weeks left of work!! Today the school through us a Baby Shower, and we were overwhelmed by how gracious everyone was! We had registered for a white dresser for Emily's room and were shocked to walk in the staff room to see the dresser filled with even more gifts, and below that was a mountain of gifts!!! I feel so lucky to have the love and support from the ECS staff, and will miss all of them a lot!

This coming weekend we are celebrating my Mom (grammie) and Brother (Uncle Craig) birthdays! I'm planning on making homemade lasagna and Todd and I will spend the day with them out in Graham.

We just got our new Video Camera to document Emily's childhood:) We are super excited to start using it on our little love bug!! Todd only has a few more weeks of school left, and we have one more birthing class left! WOW! Hard to believe our baby girl will be here before we know it!

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Tami said...

It was so fun getting snowed in with you, Todd and Emily! Thank you for the wonderful dinner and company. You are so right, time has just flown by and this next month will even be busier!
I am also excited for Cloe to have a new friend to spend her time with. Tucker will be a wonderful addition to your growing family!
Love Grammie