Monday, March 2, 2009

May feels so much closer now...

Now that we are in the month of March, May does not seem that far away! Only 11 weeks left before Emily Jean makes her entrance into the world, and changes our lives forever! Todd started his Capstone class for his MBA tonight, this is his last class!!! He also started his new position today, and said that it kept him very busy, but a good busy. God has really blessed us with this promotion, we just can not believe how perfect all the timing has been throughout our entire marriage. We start our Birthing Class on Wednesday, and are really looking forward to learning the ropes of Labor...I still go back and forth about whether or not I want to use medication. I think after the class I will have a better idea of what will be best for us.
I currently have a prediction that Emily is going to be a very active baby, she moves all day long...and usually after work and through dinner is pretty still...but then once I sit down to snuggle in for the night she begins moving like crazy. She makes my stomach bulge out and then shake all over, I have no clue what she is doing in there. Sleep has been a struggle, but somehow I manage to make it through the work day with enough energy to spare to make dinner:) I have no sympathy for anyone else at work who complains of being tired or sore....ummm..hello...I have a 3 lb baby inside me who using my body as a punching bag all sympathy for you..SORRY!:)
Strangers definitely take an interest in pregnant women. I have so many people stare at my belly, ask me when I am due, if it's a boy or a girl, one lady even let me go ahead of her in the line for the bathroom! :) I really don't mind it, or the comments of how big I am, or if I am carrying twins. I'm taking it all in with a positive attitude:)
Here are some of my recent food cravings:
Red Licorice
Mexican food, anything Mexican
Bananas with Hot Fudge
Any Cheese

The picture above is of me at 28 and a half weeks!! WOW!!


Tami said...

Only 10 more weeks! Grammie can hardly wait to hold her. Christi you look awesome!!

Tessa said...

You are simply beautiful! It is so fun to read/watch your journey! I cannot wait to meet your darling lil girl :)

Tami said...


Great Idea sending your blog address to all family and friends! Now they can view pictures and progress when ever they want!

Tami said...

I had so much fun shopping with you and Emily today. I love the dresses you bought, you look so pretty in them! Thanks for spending the day with me'
Love Mom