Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yay 3rd Trimester!

I made it!
Today I had my 27 week appointment and had my glucose test, which was not bad AT ALL! I drank an orange sugar drink in 5 minutes, then went on to my appointment, heard Emily's strong heart beat (158-160), got measured and weighed, I am measuring at 29 weeks (2 weeks ahead) BUT my Dr. told me because of my body type and position of my placenta that is just fine. After my quick check up I went back over to the lab to wait to get my blood drawn. Then I was done! YAHOO! My next check up is March 17th and at that appointment I will be 31 weeks, can you believe it?!
Emily moves a lot throughout the entire day...and night...:) I don't mind it all. I don't think there is really much more to update, I have been feeling great, just a little more tired than normal. Life is good in the Stone home:)


Tami said...

Time is going so fast!! You are getting braver through your pregnancy as far as giving blood and stuff! I am very proud of you!

Tally said...

You are taking such good care of Emily and we are getting more and more excited for her arrival.
Gpa T

Nathan, Kami and Emma said...

I didn't think the glucose test was bad either, except that I'm the slowest person ever when it comes to drinking things. :-) I just thought it was super sweet Orange soda. I'm excited for you, it's gone so fast!