Wednesday, March 18, 2009

31 weeks!

Todd and I started our Birthing classes at St. Pete's hospital in Olympia where I will be birthing Emily. So far we have gone to two classes and have already learned a lot! Our teacher is great and makes everything very fun:) Last night we learned different massage and breathing techniques (my favorite class so far). We have met another couple in the class who we hit it off with, they are having a little boy and her due date is May 22 (2 days after me). We have began the hunt for a Pediatrician, and I will probably set up interviews with those that have been recommended once I am finished with work. I now know why God put it on my heart to take the last month off of work, I have a ton to catch up on at home, plus I really have been having a hard time getting around and feeling comfortable throughout the day. My job is currently pretty stressful as the Family Auction is next Friday!! We have some wonderful parent volunteers, but I will be so relieved when it is all finished. Next week is my Baby shower at work! I can't wait to begin to gather all of our things off our Baby Registry.
We had our Dr. appointment yesterday, Emily's heartbeat was in the 140's (great!) and my blood pressure and everything looks normal. I passed my Glucose test (yay!) and will now be visiting the Dr. every 2 weeks!! That really means it is getting closer! I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions, mostly when I am more active or start to get stressed and busy, and have had major hot flashes (oye). Other than those normal symptoms I have really been feeling great. Todd has been a huge help and support. He talks to Emily and night and she responds by sticking her little rear out, causing my stomach to go lopsided:)
We are definitly VERY excited and anxios as we begin to think about packing our hospital bags, and getting the final touches complete in the nursery! Won't be too long now!!


Amie said...

Good times are ahead. Cherish these moments you are experiencing.

Tammy said...

Who is cute? Christi is cute. :)