Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Adventures with a 2 month old

Baby Shower with WWU gals

Emily with her Great Grannie and Grandpa

At Grandparent's 50th Anniversary Party

Our little travel baby! Happy to be in Vegas!

A Day at Point Defiance Park

We can not believe that August is already here! We have had a very eventful summer, full of lots of "firsts" for our little Emily. We took Emily on her very first flight, as we traveled to my Grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary/family reunion. Emily was a wonderful traveler, and got lots of compliments on what a good baby she was. I was very proud and thankful to have such an easy going baby while on the road:) We spent a lot of time relaxing with family, and Emily's Pappy and Grammie were able to watch her while Todd and I explored St. George and all the wonderful things it had to offer! Todd's parents were also able to make it to the party and we got to spend a full day of shopping and driving through town with them. Emily loved riding in the golf cart, and being carried in the front pack by Pappy.
Emily has found her hands and will not keep them out of her mouth!! She tracks them with her eyes and follows them all the way into her mouth, I have tried to take out her hands and replace them with a pacifier but she just spits it out and puts her hand right in. She rarely takes a pacifier, and I am fine with that! One less thing to have to wean her from. She also is more interested in books...any books with bright colors and sparkly objects! Sometimes while she is sitting up in her boppy I will prop a book up next to her and she LOVES looking at the pictures!
Emily and I also attended a Baby Shower in her honor, hosted by my friends from Western Washington University! It makes me so happy to have so many friends who love Emily, lots of Aunties to love!
We are planning a day trip to Cannon Beach, and a weekend trip to Long Beach with my parents over Labor Day weekend. It's been a fun summer, but I am also looking forward to all the fun festivities that Fall brings!


Tami said...

Wonderful post! Emily is quite the jet setter! Always traveling either by car, stroller, plane or shuttle, she is always on the move. It is amazing how Emily has become so aware, interested and excited about the people and things around her! She is sooo close to rolling over and having total head control! It was fun today to watch her grab her keys, she was so proud!! Patient and loving parents equal a happy andcontent baby, you two are AWESOME parents!

Principal Mr. Malone said...

I Loved watching her!