Monday, August 10, 2009

Sweet baby smell

I often spend my days planning what I will be doing in the next several hours, days, weeks months. Coordinating schedules with friends, family, outings with Todd and Emily. I found myself never really just sitting and taking in the moment, because I was never really forced too. I am always going, and trust me having a baby has not slowed me down a bit - Emily is my little shopper and traveler, wherever I go, she comes along with me. Because of this she has learned to love her car seat and can fall asleep at the drop of a hat in any given location.
This past week and weekend I have had a cold/virus turned to pink eye/strep throat that has slowed me down. I think it has been a blessing in disguise because I have really had time to enjoy my home, my husband and my Emily. God has given my soul such REST, I used to feel overly tired and now I am feeling my body being re-charged.
We gave Emily a bath tonight, her smiles and coos never get old. She loves splashing the water with her feet and hands, she doesn't realize she is making the water splash, but whatever she is doing, she knows she likes it! After I dried her and her hair we sat in the rocking chair and read our stories. She slowly drifted off to sleep with her sweet-smelling head resting on my shoulder, I found myself breathing her in with a new found thankfulness. I never thought I could find so much joy in putting my baby to bed.


Tally said...

Those time are so special to a parent, they'll stay with you forever.

Amie said...