Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Dinnertime Dance

I don't know about you, but it seems like I never get to sit and eat dinner in one sitting anymore. Here is what a typical dinner routine looks like in the Stone home;

- Either Todd or I get Emily's plate all set up with her dinner, get her settled in her high chair and she begins eating while Todd and I get our plates ready.
-AH! Dinner at least , take a few bites.
-Oh wait, Emily needs her drink, up to the fridge to get her drink, give her her drink, give her a few more noodles, back to sit down and take a few more bites.
-Oh shoot, I forgot to get myself a drink...back up to get myself and Todd a drink. Back to sit down..take a few more bites.
- DONE DONE! yells Emily, as she dumps the remaining noodles on the floor. Emily, do you want a cookie? (An attempt to get a few more quiet moments were we can talk and eat our food)
-Up to get a cookie, clean up the noodles, refill her drink. Take a few more bites....
-DOWN DOWN! Now Emily is really done, can't buy more time with cookies...time to let her down. Hoping that at least one of us has scarfed down our food so she stays entertained while the other takes their last few bites.

Do you have a dinnertime routine? What does dinner look like for your family? We always try to at least say a small prayer and have a few moments were we are ALL 3 sitting down enjoying our meals TOGETHER. I think it is very important to make that effort every evening. Once you let dinner happen on the couches or in front of the TV, I think it is really hard to go back to the sit down dinners. Occasionally we will sit in front of the TV while Emily plays after we have gotten a pizza or take - out. :)


Principal Mr. Malone said...

Dinner time is precious time...Emily will reflect back fondly on the dinner table time when she is your me.

Tami said...

Ahh, the sit-down-all-together dinner routine. I "fondly" remember the dinnertime dance, the up and down, the "I don't like it", and trying to stuff my food down before your little feet hit the floor!!!

It is a challenge but truly one worth taking. Families like ours are an exception. We need to continue to instill the importance of family and family values in our children and our grandchildren.
The rewards of the dance are well worth a few stubbed toes!!