Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I love food. Cooking and baking is like therapy for me.

I love any new recipes that are health friendly, kid friendly and husband friendly:) Okay, so my husband will pretty much eat anything I make, and he has said there have only been a few dishes I have made that have not satisfied his taste buds. I love cooking meals for Todd and Emily every evening. Currently, Todd and I are cutting back on calories and how much we eat in one sitting! So finding healthy recipes that also taste delicious is sometimes a big task for this stay at home Momma:) Lately I've been cutting out most red meat, and replacing with Turkey. Todd and I have really enjoyed how versatile turkey is. Here are some fun recipes I have found and ENJOYED and not felt terrible for consuming!

Turk - o Salad

Ground Turkey
Taco Seasoning
Diced Tomato
Shredded Low Fat Cheese
Fat Free Sour Cream
Blue Corn Tortilla chips

Cook turkey, onion and taco seasoning together. Serve over top of Fresh veggies, top with salsa, sour cream and tortilla chips.

This is what we had for dinner tonight, Delicious! And if there are others in your home who aren't trying to cut back on calories they can always wrap everything up in a Tortilla!

I'll try to continue posting new recipes that I come across or make up myself.
The Turk-o salad is one of my own creations, I know - genius right?


Principal Mr. Malone said...

I'd like to try a Turk-o-salad.

BnBMalone said...

Sounds Good!

Tami said...

I LOVE every thing you make!! Especially your Red Sauce!!! I think you should start planning your own cooking show!!!
Will you invite me over for some spaghetti??