Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bye-Bye 27

My 27th year was filled with many exciting events!
Finding out I was pregnant with Baby #2...the entire pregnancy leading up to the birth of Levi was very calm and stress free. :) Loving another baby as much as I've loved his big sis has been extremely easy:) We celebrated being in our new home for one year. Slowly getting decorations up, and adding our own personal touches to each room of the home has been something I've really enjoyed doing this past year.
Discovering that I have a friend in my daughter, as she is growing and communicating more and more. It is so much fun to chit chat with my sweet Emily.
Finding that I can't do it all on my own, and my husband's patience and calm character are exactly what I needed in my 27th year :). Supporting him in his new passion for Real Estate, motivating and giving a listening ear when things seemed to be a little too overwhelming at the time.
Witnessing the birth of my sweet niece Eva Elizabeth, being in a room filled with so much love for one precious baby. I will always cherish that I was a part of such a miracle.
As our family grows, we realize that we need His love in order to make our love for each other better...making goals and plans to keep Him at the center of our family dynamic in my 28th year. Feeling good about myself and taking care of myself, physically, spiritually and emotionally is the greatest gift that I can give my family.
Good-bye 27...hello 28!:)


Tami said...

Happy 28th birthday!!! I love you!!!

Principal Mr. Malone said...

Hello 28!