Sunday, December 14, 2008

25 and Pregnant

I have always been a 'planner'. My life has always seemed to follow a predetermined time line that I have created in my mind. I knew once I graduated High School I would go to college, did that. I hoped that sometime between High School and College I would meet my husband, check. Got married after College graduation, done. Start a family by the age of this really happening? You could say I am either really good at setting a goal and attaining it, or that I have been extremely blessed. I choose the later. One of the things that I do not think I could have expressed on a time line was how extremely happy I would be by the 'ripe old age' of 25.
"Lucky" is a word I have always disliked. People don't just get lucky, they are blessed. This passed week and weekend Todd and I have been extremely blessed by our family and friends, I have always known that no matter what we would have the support and love, but I just never knew the extent to which some people would show that support and love.
Every day I get more and more excited to bring our little one into such a warm and welcoming family. The baby moves like CRAZY at night, I think he or she is either doing back flips, or just can not seem to find that comfortable position (like mommy). It is amazing how every day those little twitches and taps seem to get stronger and stronger.
All I know is the little person we meet this spring is not anything I could have ever written onto paper to check off a list. There is not one word that could describe how I feel right now other than BLESSED.


Nathan, Kami and Emma said...

:-) Just wait til you get a good strong kick that hurts a little. It completely catches you off guard that the little thing inside you could be so strong. So excited that you're getting closer!!!

Principal Mr. Malone said...

Your mother and I know exactly what you mean...we were blessed with you an Craig.