Tuesday, December 2, 2008

16 week appointment

Today was our 16 week appointment! We had the opportunity to do a 'Quad Screen' test which is where they would draw some of my blood and test it to see what the chances are that our baby would have Downs Syndrome. It isn't actually a diagnosis, and we decided that this test isn't something that we needed, we will love our baby no matter what. The test is not accurate most of the time, and would just cause worry and stress on my part, it just was not worth it to us. We got to hear Baby Stone's heartbeat , well actually we heard 2 heartbeats! The Dr. reassured us that the other heartbeat we heard was mine because it matched perfectly with my pulse...then we found the babies and it was much faster it was at 140. You should have seen the look on Todd's face when the Dr. said...well there is a heart beat, but I hear another one down here too....HOLY COW! I got a Flu Shot (preservative free) and have gained 4 pounds so far right on track:)
Today 3 different people told me I was glowing...awwww:) Made me feel really good, and I have gotten numerous belly rubs from friends and coworkers. I don't mind it at all, just more love for the babes:) We got to schedule our BIG ultrasound! December 30 is when we find out the gender of the baby we can not wait! It really is not that far away, hard to believe!
Todd is gone in Kirkland until Friday with training for his work. LAME! This house is not the same when I am all alone, at least I have Chloe:) Tonight she layed next to me and stretched her paw across my belly...it was so cute!
We had a very relaxing and fun Thanksgiving, it was very hard to get back to work, but I only have to last until Dec. 19th, then my school is on break until Jan. 5th! That means we crack down on this nursery business! Can't wait!:)
Hope everyone enjoyed spending time with their families this past weekend!


Nathan, Kami and Emma said...

I'm jealous you got to opt out of your quad screen! I don't remember being given that option - I don't think I would've had it done either.

Tammy said...

It's good that you are checking into all of the tests that the docs want to do. You are a very wise pregnant lady! :)

Tami said...

The time is going so fast! I am very excited for your ultrasound on the 30th. Just think, then we will know if it is Emily Jean or.....whatever name Todd chooses for a boy! Either one will be greatly adored!
Love Grammie