Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our little Love Bug

Our adventure begins on December 2nd...we had our 16 week checkup and were able to schedule our ultrasound to find out the gender of our baby. We thought it would be really fun to surprise our families for Christmas by letting them know the gender of our baby. By some miracle we were able to schedule our ultrasound for December 23rd! We told our families that we were not having the Ultra Sound until December 30th and there began our 'secret mission'. We decided that we would wrap up a boy or girl outfit to surprise our families on Christmas Eve.
December 23rd came FAST, especially with all of our preparation for Christmas and the holiday season. Before we knew it we were driving to find out the if our baby was a 'he' or a 'she'. As we drove through our 'Winter Wonderland' to the office, we nervously held hands and were busting at the seams with excitement. If our baby cooperated this could be the PERFECT Christmas gift, if not, we would still be happy to have seen our baby, but our little plan would have been ruined.
Our ultra sound tech was very friendly and thought our idea was very fun. As soon as she began the ultra sound we saw our babies legs...spread wide!! 90% girl!! I expected for her to have to search around and get the baby to move to get that perfect shot to tell if it was a boy or a girl, but we found out right away! Todd and I both had HUGE grins on our face for the remainder of the ultra sound.
HER little body is developing right on target with how far along I am. Everything looked beautiful according to the tech. She did say that our baby has very long arms and legs, which are more than likely from Todd. We got some pretty amazing shots and were amazed at how informative and thorough our tech was. After the appointment we walked out of there holding a huge strand of photos, with big smiles on our faces, anyone could tell we were prouder than ever!
Now began the hard keeping my mouth shut for 1 day...Luckily I was able to do so and our parents had no clue what we had just found out. We went shopping and found some baby girl outfits and wrapped them up for each set of parents.
Our daughters name will be Emily Jean Stone.

Emily meaning 'ambitious'
Jean meaning 'God is gracious' and Jean was also the name of my Nana ( my Mom's mother) who passed away 15 years ago. So it is in honor of her.

Revealing the news to our families was amazing! Just how I pictured it, we got the perfect reaction from both sets of parents and it was well worth the wait and secret holding:) Little Emily Jean is already spoiled and loved so much. Knowing that our daughter is growing perfectly and peacefully inside of me has set our minds at ease. We love calling her by name and talking to her through my tummy:) Our next big task is her nursery, what a job that will be!! But a fun one to do together:)


Principal Mr. Malone said...

Best Christmas gift ever! Pappy

Bonnie Rose said...

Congratulations on your little Emily Jean!!!! how exciting to be able to call her by name now :)

Tami said...

We were so surprised!Christi usually can NOT keep a secret from me for two seconds! Shopping for Emily has been so fun!!! Christi looks so beautiful! Of course Todd is working hard to keep both his girls happy and healthy