Thursday, September 11, 2008

Feeling good

It took me about 1 week to figure out that all this is really happening. Some people may have thought I wasn't excited when they saw me, but honestly it was just my mind going a mile a minute. I decided to take a day off from work and just be alone, to really get some rest and prepare myself for what is ahead. It was the best thing I could have done! I spent the day reading my baby books, shopping for good, fresh food, looking at baby clothes:) and talking with some close friends. Everyone at the school has been so supportive, I get asked about 10 times a day how I am feeling and everyone seems to want to take care of me in some way. It is like my family away from home. Todd and I stood in the office today and tried to map out exactly how we are going to turn the office into a baby room, yet still have our computer in it. I think it is going to work, but it will take some down sizing on our part. We have a lot of things that we don't even use! I started cleaning out our closets, taken loads to the Goodwill, it feels really good! Maybe it is early nesting? I just want all the old stuff out because I know we will be getting a lot of new stuff with the baby. Our office is currently painted brown and blue, which we will keep if Baby is a boy, but will change if Baby is a girl:) Today at work I had to undo my button on my jeans! UGH! A girlfriend taught me the "rubberband" trick, so currently my jeans are being held up by a rubberband. I am down 2 pounds, but my stomach is more bloated than normal.
I really am enjoying all of the positive information from other Mommies and accept it with willing and listening ears!
Todd and I brainstormed a bunch of names tonight...we have a pretty long list, I think it will take awhile to narrow our names down. This weekend we plan on just being together and relaxing, these past few weeks have been crazy and we really need some down time with one another.


Principal Mr. Malone said...

Down time is good!

Tami said...

Christi and Todd, I love the title of your Blog, it just too cute! If the baby is a girl you could call her Pebbles Agate Stone!