Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Morning Sickness = All day sickness

You know that feeling you have when you have the stomach flu, right before you are about to throw up? Then you throw up and you have relief and feel so much better. Well I wish that was the case, I would rather throw up every morning and feel better than feel incredibly ill all day long. Knowing that I am only in my 7th week and have about 5 more weeks until I am out of the 1st Trimester is really taking a toll on my spirits. I have cried more in the past few days than I think I cried last year total. I can cry at the drop of a hat, if Todd walks in the room and smiles at me, I cry. I cry at any TV commercial with kids and parents in them, if I talk about the baby, I cry. I am one big blubbery blob of messy hormones.
This afternoon I got a phone call from a nurse at the Dr.'s office and she said they got results from my blood tests, I automatically think "I must have HIV!" well not exactly. But my white blood cell count is high, which means that my body is trying to fight off infection, and she told me it is common in pregnancy for your white blood cell count to rise. This little scare made me realize that I am thankful that I AM sick, because obviously my body is doing what it is supposed to be doing to insure the development of the little peanut inside of me.
This weekend I think I am going to try to find a "Baby Project" to keep my mind off of the way I physically feel and try to maintain a positive state of mind. Oh and I can I just brag about my amazing husband.:) He has cooked, cleaned, mopped, changed the litter box and put up with my raging hormones for the past 2 weeks. I love him very much...oh great I'm crying now...:)
Just pray for me:) xoxo


Tammy said...

I remember morning sickness quite well. In fact, I remember throwing up in the bathroom of the little trailer that your parents lived in when I was pregnant with Dan. :)

Tami said...

Tammy, i remember that!! Oh what we go through for our kids.

Principal Mr. Malone said...

've never been pregnant...but it sounds like it sucks. I'm glad God picked girls to do it.

Tami said...

Christi you are truly blessed with a wonderful and caring husband! We love him very much!!!