Monday, September 8, 2008

If you don't have anything nice to say...shut up:)

Maybe it's just my hormones and I am being very sensitive. But it seems like a lot of people have very negative things to say to you when you tell them you are pregnant. For example, "How have you been feeling?" my response " Great! just a little tired but I am doing really well" their response " Oh you just wait! You will be so sick and in so much pain in no time!" ....ok thanks...I feel really good now:)
I know that it is human nature for us to focus on the negative more than the positive. I just never noticed it much until now. And yes I know that some people say you should wait until you are through your first trimester to tell people, but everyone is different and Todd and I are both confident that God is in control.
So to those of you wondering, I am feeling very well, just some major headaches due to lack of coffee.:) I get tired in the day, but when it is time to sleep my mind is racing with so many thoughts it is difficult to fall asleep. I have my first appointment scheduled for October 1st, and spoke with a nurse from the Dr.'s office this morning and she got all my information about my last period and told me I was 7 weeks pregnant and due April 25th. And honestly, I still am kind of in denial that I am even pregnant so far I have taken 3 pregnancy tests! Of course each one of them has been positive, but it feels pretty unreal at this point. :)


Principal Mr. Malone said...

It's not nice to say Shut Up :)

Tammy said...

Our dating anniversary is April 25th. :)